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Welcome to Tri-County Surgery Center


A Leading- Edge Approach to Eye Surgery

Tri-County Surgery Center provides leading-edge comprehensive ophthalmology surgical services located in our state-of-the-art facility in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, serving patients from Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and beyond. Our surgeons are uniquely qualified in a variety of surgical procedures.

Online Registration

Tri-County Surgery Center requires patients to complete their pre-registration medical history securely online using One Medical Passport. We suggest doing so as soon as your surgery is scheduled. The information entered will assist our nursing team in ensuring your medical history is complete and help prepare for your surgery.

Our Purpose

Tri-County Surgery Center's mission is to provide comprehensive surgical eye care services of the absolute highest quality resulting in the best outcomes for every patient. We believe in the ethical, informed, responsible and timely introduction of innovative treatments and diagnostic procedures whenever appropriate and medically indicated.


  • We continually improve our process by incorporating new and updated information and using leading-edge technology and equipment
  • We listen to our patients and partner with them to ensure a high quality experience.
  • As leaders in the industry we practice and demonstrate the highest standards and honor our commitments to our patients.


No person, on grounds of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental handicap, national origin or social or economic status, shall be subject to discrimination regarding the provision of services at the Tri County Surgery Center. This statement applies to patients, practitioners, employees and visitors at the center.